Getting Deep with Zest: A webinar presentation by Zest on latest removable and fixed implant attachments
Sponsor:  Zest

Dentsply’s SmartFix Solution for Fixed Hybrid Restorations
Speaker:  Dr. Savi Abey
Sponsor:  Dentsply Sirona

Occlusal Design for Fixed and Removable Implant Restorations
Speakers:  Dr. Christine Bishop and Dr. Savi Abey

Surgeons’ Showcase

The Telescopic Overdenture System for Full Arch Implant Restorations
Speaker:  Dr. Alan S. Douglas
Sponsor:  Dentsply Sirona

The Restorative Aspect of Precision Guided Surgery
Speaker:  Dr. Gary Gotsch
Sponsor:  Nobel Biocare

Update on Implant Retained Overdentures – 10th Anniversary Celebration
Speaker:  Dr. Christine Bishop

Dental Laboratory Showcase

Immediate Full Arch Prosthetic Rehabilitation Utilizing the All-on-4 Treatment Concept
Speaker: Dr. Matthew Hallas
Sponsor: Nobel Biocare

Avoiding Implant Misadventures
Speakers: Dr. Gregory Phillips

Replacing and Pretreatment of Failing Fixed Implant Therapies
Speakers: Dr. Christine Bishop & Dr. Savi Abey

Vendors’ Showcase

Connective Tissue Attachment with Dental Implants
Speaker: Dr. Jack Ricci
Sponsor: BioHorizons
Occlusion for Implant Restorations: Plan & Then Execute!
Speakers: Dr. Christine Bishop & Dr. Savi Abey
Custom or Prefabricated? Abutments by Design
Speakers: Dr. Christine Bishop & Dr. Savi Abey
Restorative Members’ Showcase
Speakers: Dr. G. Bacon, Dr. N. Ewoldsen, Dr. J. Neise, Dr. G. Walker,
Dr. D. Weir
Sponsor: Orascoptic
Surgeons’ Showcase
Speakers: Dr. J. Au-Yeung, Dr. M. Edwards, Dr. S. Herd, Dr. J. Hockema,
Dr. A. Nowakowski, Dr. C. Partridge, Dr. A. Patel, Dr. J. Pruitt
From Overdentures to Full Arch Fixed Prostheses
Speaker: Dr. Doug Weir
Mini Implants for Complete and Partial Dentures
Speakers: Dr. Savi Abey & Steve Shimota (3M)
Anterior Implant Restorations
Speakers: Dr. Christine Bishop & Dr. Savi Abey

Single Tooth Implant Restorations
Sponsored by Zimmer
Creating Successful Implant Retained Fixed Partial Dentures
Speaker: Dr. Christine Bishop
Marketing Implants in General Practice
Speaker: Dr. Christine Bishop
Vendors’ Showcase
Managing Lab Prosthetics & Lab Communication
Sponsored by Thommen
Turning Denture Patients into Overdenture Patient
Speaker: Dr. Christine Bishop
Straumann Bone Level and Tissue Level Restorative Update, Troubleshooting and FAQ
Speaker: Brad Cates Sponsor: Straumann
-Restorative Members Showcase

-Managing Implant Prosthetics & Laboratory Communication
Speaker: Todd Fridrich. Sponsor: Thommen Medical

-Turning Denture Patients into Overdenture Patients
Speaker: Dr. C. Bishop

Bone Level and Tissue Level Restorative Update 2011 and Digital Solutions and The Digital Impression Revolution
Speaker: Bradley Cates and Dr. C Bishop Sponsor: Straumann

-Full Arch Fixed Implant Prostheses
Speaker: Dr. Carlos Moglianesi Sponsor: NobelBiocare

-Surgeons’ Showcase – implant topics and patient cases from a surgeon’s perspective.
Speakers: Dr. J. Beagle, Dr. J. Buttrum, Dr. M. Edwards, Dr. J. Hockema, Dr. C. Kirkup, Dr. B. Largura, Dr. K. Stuart.

-Planning and Restoring ImplantsII- topics of interest for those with5+ years of experience.
Speaker: Dr. C. Bishop

-Planning and Restoring Implants I- topics of interest for those with 0-5 years of experience.
Speaker: Dr. C. Bishop.
-The Use of CT Imaging in the Diagnosis and Treatment
Planning of Dental Implants.
Speaker: Dr. F. Eraso. Sponsor: Simplant ( Materialise Dental) and Dr. C. Bishop.

-Esthetic & Complex Restorative Options for Bone Level Implants.

Speaker: David Debruzzi. Sponsor: Straumann.

-The Lo-Down on Locators and Other Implant Lo Life.

Speaker: Dr. C. Bishop.

-Simple Implant Esthetics. Speakers: Dr. R. Hinkle, Todd Fridrich. Sponsor: Thommen Medical

-Platform Switching What’s All The Buzz? Speaker: Dr. J. Beagle. Sponsor: Astra Tech Inc.

-TX Planning for Multiple Missing Teeth and Esthetic Techniques for Anterior Implants.

Speaker: Dr. C. Bishop. Sponsor: Dr. C. Bishop

-CADCAM Technology and the Immediate Function of Implants in the Edentulous Patient.
Speakers: Kim Wolozyn, Dr. C. Bishop, Dr. J. Hockema. Sponsor: Nobel Biocare